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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VCD

It is a video compact disc (VCD) that contains video and audio - moving pictures and sound. It is capable of holding up to 74 minutes of full motion video with quality stereo sound. VCD uses the MPEG-1 standard to store video and audio in a high density form. As opposed to DVD that utilizes the MPEG-2. This ensures full compatibility with a wide range of devices. It is a worldwide, standards independent format which is endorsed by Sony, Philips, Matsushita and JVC.
The best thing about a VCD is that you can run it on a variety of different platforms including personal computers and laptops/notebooks (both PC & Mac), DVD players, stand-alone VCD players, televisions, and game boxes (e.g. Playstations) and multimedia boxes.
If your DVD Player can play CD-R then it would be able to play VCDs.

The most common application of Video CD has been for playing movies and music videos. With the release of Video CD 2.0 specification, the format is enjoying greatly expanded popularity. Video CD 2.0 provides full interactivity via remote control, making the format appealing for a wide range of multimedia applications. It has gained rapid acceptance for its ability to deliver high quality, full-motion digital video cheaply.
  • VideoCD provides random access search. This means that you can quickly find any scene.
  • There is no deterioration or degradation of picture quality over time.
  • The discs are not bulky making them easy to store anywhere.
  • They do not have regional lock codes like the DVD, so you can buy VCDs from us and play them anywhere whether you live anywhere.
  • They are also much cheaper when compared to a DVD or even a VHS.
  • The video quality that you can expect from a VCD is comparable or better than VHS. Audio is usually Dolby Digital Surround.
  • You also get some rare releases on VCDs that has not been released on DVDs.
  • VCDs can be played on all Personal Computers - both PC and Mac with CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs, a sound card and a good graphics card. PC requires MPEG capable software. You can choose vlc media player or Windows Media Player which you can download for free.
  • Mac requires Quicktime and/or SpeedTools. Another downloadable player for the Mac is MacVCD.
  • VCD players i.e. stand-alone vcd players.
  • DVD players - most DVD players are Video CD compatible.
  • Game Consoles - e.g.
    Playstation requires an inexpensive add-on Redant Movie Card.
    For Dreamcast get the Dream VCD Player & Remote control set.
    For Nintendo 64 get the Doctor V64 (256M version).
    These are inexpensive add-ons that will enable you to watch VCD movies through your machines.
    Also some Saturn Consoles & 3DO Game Consoles are compatible provided you get an add-on movie card. Contact your favorite game console dealer. (There are currently no add-on movie cards available for the Playstation 2)
  • Some Philips CD-I Players.
  • Some Laser Disc Players.


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