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Greatest Indian Stories-6-VCD-Set-Animated

(image for) Greatest Indian Stories-6-VCD-Set-Animated
Greatest Indian Stories-6-VCD-Set-Animated
  • Manufactured by: Moser Baer


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Format: VCD
Year: 2000
Print: Colour
Language: English

No. of Disc: 6
Company: Moser Baer
    Panchatantra Vol. 1
  • Cats And The Monkey
  • The Hen And The Golden Egg
  • Fox And The Crow
  • Crow And The Snake
  • The Dog And The Donkey
  • Fish And The Crocodile
  • Rats And Hawk
  • The Scared Snake
  • Crab, Swan And The Snake
  • The Wolf And The Crane

  • Panchatantra Vol. 2
  • Greedy Dog
  • Saint And The Rose Fragrance
  • Bull, The Lion And The Jackal
  • Ignorant Man
  • Donkey And The Horse
  • The Lamb And The Wolf
  • Ugly Tree
  • Ungrateful Lion
  • The Monkey And The Birds

  • Jataka Tales Vol. 1
  • King And The Monkey
  • The Greatful Ant
  • The Foolish Turtle
  • Crab And The Crane
  • Lump of Gold
  • Rabbit And His ream
  • Monkeys And The Gardner
  • The Greedy Crow

  • Jataka Tales Vol. 2
  • The King Crow And The Loyal General
  • The Saint And The Four Disciples
  • The Hunter Outwitted
  • The Lion And The Jackal
  • The Monkey's Heart
  • The Pigeon, The Monkey And The Elephant
  • True Friendship

  • Hitopadesha Vol. 1
  • Blue Jackal
  • Old Intelligent Snake
  • Mango Tree and The Boy
  • Old Tiger And The Villager
  • Rabbit, Elephant And Moon
  • Hermit And The Mangoose

  • Hitopadesha Vol.2
  • Unlucky Camel
  • Brahman, Crow And Three Rogues
  • Daydreaming Farmer
  • A Friend In Need
  • The Cat's Foolisness

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