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(image for) Beyond The Sea DVD-2004

Beyond The Sea DVD-2004

Format: DVD Year: 2004 Director: Kevin Spacey Producer: Andy Paterson, Jan Fantil, Kevin Spacey Cast: Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Bob...

(image for) Dance With A Stranger DVD-1985

Dance With A Stranger DVD-1985

Format: DVD Year: 1985 Director: Mike Newell Producer: Paul Cowan,Roger Randall-Cutler Music Director: Richard Hartley Cast: Miranda Richardson,...

(image for) Frances DVD-1982

Frances DVD-1982

Format: DVD Year: 1982 Director: Graeme Clifford Producer: Jonathan Sanger Music Director: John Barry Cast: Jessica Lange, Kim Stanley, Sam Shepard,...

(image for) Intermission DVD-2003

Intermission DVD-2003

Format: DVD Year: 2003 Director: John Crowley Producer: Stephen Woolley, Neil Jordan, Alan Moloney Music Director: John Murphy Cast: Colin Farrell,...

(image for) Jaded DVD-1996

Jaded DVD-1996

Format: DVD Year: 1996 Director: Caryn Krooth Producer: Caryn Kroon, Wendy Olinger Music Director: Benedikt Brydern Cast: Carla Gugino, Richard...

(image for) Me And Will DVD-1999

Me And Will DVD-1999

Format: DVD Year: 1999 Director: Mellisa Behr, Sherrie Rose Producer: Joey Forsyte Music Director: Shark Cast: Sherrie Rose, Jason Hall, Bret...

(image for) Monk Dawson DVD-1998

Monk Dawson DVD-1998

Format: DVD Year: 1998 Director: Tom Waller Producer: Tom Waller Music Director: Mark Jenson Cast: Benedict Taylor, Michael Cashman, Oliver Stone,...

(image for) Mountbatten-The Last Viceroy DVD-1986

Mountbatten-The Last Viceroy DVD-1986

Format: DVD Year: 1986 Director: Tom Clegg Producer: Judith de Paul Music Director: John Scott Cast: Nicol Williamson, Janet Suzman, Ian Richardson,...

(image for) Serpico DVD-1973

Serpico DVD-1973

Format: DVD Year: 1973 Director: Sydney Lumet Producer: Martin Bergman Music Director: Mikis Theodorakis Cast: John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Barbara Eda...

(image for) Shakespeare-A Midsummer Night s Dream DVD-2005

Shakespeare-A Midsummer Night s Dream DVD-2005

Format: DVD Year: 2005 Director: Ed Fraiman Cast: Bill Paterson, Imelda Staunton, Lennie James, Sharon Small, Dean Lennox Kelly, William Ash, Zoe...


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